Election 2011 Cartoon of the Week – Just for Fun

Election 2011 Cartoon of the week
Election 2011 Cartoon of the week


  1. erimalai

    athu thavira madhiyam biriyani thara partikku thaan votu…we’ll manage leftover for night…athuvum thantha, en perla irukkura vote’a..rendu thadava poduven…

  2. Nothing But the Truth

    Today i saw the news and i was so happy to c that the entire DMK family is on street begging us for the Vote…….. similarly AIADMK and whomever…

  3. jagadeesh

    Dmk will lose in this election realyy.Bcz aiadmk has peple support this time. realy aiadmk will won this election. Like india vs pakistan match. india rcks in semi final…………..nd aiadmk will win this game.

  4. Urvashi

    I will be a LIFE TIME VOTER for DMK or AIDMK, if they promise:

    Early Morning: Tooth Paste, Brush, Glass of Water
    Morning: Iddli or Dosa or Puri or Pongal or Chappati (alternate week day), Uppuma or Kichcidi (week end)
    Brunch: One Cofee or Thayir Vadai
    Lunch: Full Unlimited Meal veggie or non-veggie as per choice
    Evening: Masala Tea with Pakoda, Samosa or Bhel Puri
    Night: Light Dinner, Ice Cream, Fruit Salad, Fallooda, Soup, Milk Shake
    On Bed: A partner for those who want to have “IT”.
    TV: Porns after 12 PM with childlock and a pack of condoms

    It will be an indralogam in my house.

  5. Urvashi

    It’s fun to see these people begging in the hot sun for some extra crores. What will they do with that extra crores. You can eat thrice a day; wear only one dress a time; have sex thrice a day….what more these hundereds of crores can do????

  6. Nothing But the Truth

    They are not earning for their own need it goes to their ancestors this we what we say as ” PERASAI “..
    as we all know Gandhi but we dont know abt his siblings…

  7. Vasin

    Availability of sex is the biggest issue; free sex culture kondutu varanum; then boys and men would have it when they want it and next morning they would be into their jobs concentrating 100%.

  8. Vasin

    Urvashi Urvashi  
    Surely Karnan Panathukaga itha pannala; people like power , winning and want to feel worthy and sought after.  
    Also girls could cost a lot. You marry a sexy girl to have a good time; in a year when you divorce a big chunk of your wealth would be gone. A London Programmer paid a girl £600 just to have dinner with him everyday for 3 months; Faria Alam it is said charged £8,000 a day.. 

  9. Vasin

    Indian mind and philosophy it seems revolves around food; eanna romba kaalama India sothuku wanting. Ippo namba nanna vanthitrikara pothu kuda namba thinking food based thinking than. Itha maathrathuku ore vali vera thisala makkala think panna veikarathu than. Sex and Sports are the better option.

  10. Vasin

    Bastard Dhoni Bastard Dhoni has left our Ashwin out Bastard Dhoni Bastaaaaaard I will kill you if India loose Bastaaaaaard

  11. Pechamuka

    Hey Loafer Vasin,

    Mind ur words, who r u to scold Dhoni, he is captain of India team wat ever he feels correct he takes tat decision, so shut ur Ass and mouth….and coming to winning of finals its not like u stealing money from ur father’s pocket, there they have to struggle lot to win, so pray for the best…

    and also Ashwin is like Ashwini, and Ashwini is only for entertainment for guys….

  12. Pechamuka

    Hi Urvashi,

    I will promise that i will get u all ur needs for ever, u love me, i will keep u Happy thorugh out ur life, i m going mad about ur comments and i cant be without reding ur comments so please Love me urvashi…


    I Love u Very much Urvashi…….

    Plz accept my Proposal

  13. Vasin

    Shut up you Slave, India captain’na enna rendu komba irku avnuku? He is an ugly cricketer; see the way he bats; see the way he speaks English; ugly; see his paunch; ugly. Ashwin must represent India. Vaya pothada you Vadivelu. ID’a paaru Pechamuka’vam. Peechamuka’nu maathiko!

  14. Pechamuka

    U da slave, come and wash Toilet in our House, how did u tell me Slave, U know who am i? I am ur Girlfriend’s Boyfriend da….. dei Naai waai mud, ila ana kunni mundira…

  15. Pechamuka

    what comments r u updating, have u ever think about it, justdont update anything, think twice before u update something on the website, waste fellow!!!! Go and Die some where thu……..

  16. Pechamuka


    U dont know much about the world, u eat in Nomal Hotel so for u 100Re per day is Enough, but our Politicians have food only at Star hotel which will cost 15000 per day, they will b maintaining 4 to 5 wives and those wives will b having many childrens for them they should save wealth, U know they will have lot of strength hence they can do sex more than six times in a day, eve if u want try once with any politician they will show u heaven,,,,,,

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