EC should take care of my security, says Vadivelu

Vadivelu during DMK campaign

Comedian Vadivelu has said that the Election Commission is ‘entirely responsible’ to save his life during his campaigning for the ensuing Assembly elections in the State.

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The ace comedian has been campaigning for the ruling DMK front and has been launching a scathing attack on Vijaykanth, not bothering to mince words at his will. During his campaign at Mudhukulathur, stones were thrown at his van by a few miscreants. The same thing happened in Sivaganga too.

In the backdrop of the stone-throwing incident, Vadivelu has said that the Election Commission is ‘wholly responsible’ in saving his life and protecting him from the attack which he alleged was being launched by Vijayakanth’s supporters.

“Security hasn’t been enough at the places where I have been campaigning. I’m sure the people are aware as to ‘who’ is behind the attack,” said Vadivelu.



  1. Aravind

    After the election u would surely face lot of trouble……comedian like u must be remain neutral…but u have entered policts and that too in u r disgusting speech we are not even to look u r  comedy in tv….u r a very very sick person..idiot…along with that kollaikara gumbal and murderers u will perish…..awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…………

  2. KK

    there are many things that u need to learn from Vivekh… he is more knowledgeable & sees world from an eagle eye point of view… And you are just pleasing the crowd with ur comedy pieces at all places u go for… Seruppadi nichchayam… Keep waiting Suna paana…

  3. Raja

    U r proivng as u r a comedy piece…. as dont know how to speak infront of crowd ….. once election is compelted …. kalingar (plan panie kola adikera tatha) itself will ask who r u .. even there is no exicetement if they itself beat u .. 

  4. Urvashi


    You are still a good comedian. Please get rid off your political costume, it is not suiting you. Do not ruin your career and life. Why do you want to fight with your own brotherhood, the cinema people, who gave you the life, career, money that you never dreamt of.

    God bless you!

  5. bebo

    this what ppl say sondha kaasula suniyam.. aalam theriyama kala vittuiye.. nw you cant stop doing all dese cheap works  ..for ur safety if ADMK wins somehow u can escape but their alliance party vijaykanth kitta nee scapegoat dhan..  hope ever1 forgives  u after election drama.. if AIDMK wins u will be out of cinema only  definetly if u again apologise and ask for safety u will be given..  bcos of DMK  some day u will be out of the world.. 

  6. Urvashi

    ippo kooda onnum kettu pogala….silenta escape aayidu.

    DMK vandhalum, ADMK vandalum….romba problem…yenna nee romba nallavan

    they will be looking for: nai sekhar, kaippila, yettu egambaram, theepori….

    villangatha vela koduth vangittiye vadivelu

    thookula thaniya poi thonga porathu yaaru????

    usupeththi usupeththi odambu ranagalam aga podu….

    after beating you, they will say “avan ivana vida romba asingama iruppan”

    MGR used his dialogues for his success; Vadivelu will use his dialogues for self soonyam…

  7. True-Heart

    FYI, People are waiting for 11/Apr/2011 5:01 pm.

    Not too late, Appologise now and save ur life. Otherwise, you will go to a stat where you were before acting.

    Also, Looks like u r in Sani. U don’t know abt it. Watch Out. 


     kollytalk hasnt post any news about Anna Hazare ji’s fighting against corruption…post news about it ….make a useful move

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