Easan earns UA certificate

Easan poster
Easan poster

Director Sasi Kumar’s forthcoming Tamil drama film Easan has now officially been given a green signal by the Censor Board officials who gave the movie a ‘UA certificate.’ Industry insiders revealed that the flick might be dealing with issues such as drug peddling which has earned the film a ‘UA’ certificate.

The movie will hit theaters soon next week on December 17th, 2010.

Sasi Kumar has contributed towards the script and production apart from directing this film which features Samudrakani, Vaibhav, A. L. Alagpappan and heroines Abhinaya and Aparna Bajpai.

James Vasanthan who also worked with Sasi Kumar in the critically acclaimed Subramaniapuram has scored a total 5 tracks for this movie.

Now it is to be seen if the director composer duo prove to be a hit pair with Easan.What do you think people?



  1. Vignesh

    Brilliantly crafted. It explicitly exihibits the luring stories of political dispositions. It leaves us a question whether the public is very much aware of the atrocities being renedred by those people in which the middle class family under goes a greater ramphage. before seeing the film, make a mindset that you are anormal human being . Sure, you will enjoy it

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