Sri Durga TV actress

Durga plays a role in Aadhalaal Kaadhal Seiveer

Sri Durga TV actress

Regular television watchers might be definitely aware of Durga, who is present in almost 20 per cent of the tele-serials aired every day in all the regional television channels. Known mostly in ‘tear-jerking’ roles than in humourous characters, Durga is presently starring in the film Aadhalaal Kaadhal Seiveer directed by Suseendhiran.

A popular face in tele-serials such as Uravugal, Thyagam and Mundhanai Mudichu, Durga mostly gets to play emotional characters though she wants to have fun on the sets and on-screen. “I have been acting right from my childhood. I worked as a model for some time but for the past decade or so, small-screen has become everything to me. I live with my parents and two sisters. I also present a religious programme for Captain TV.

“I love all the roles that I have portrayed so far but my roles in tele-serials such as Oonjal, Alaigal and Sigaram were quite significant. The character of Kavitha I played in Oonjal is an unforgettable one as it’s about how to mend one’s life even after leading a life full of mistakes and sins. I always wish to play roles which remain etched in the viewers’ mind for a long time.

“I have regretted many times that I’m not getting fun-filled characters regularly. I have starred in some films as well and take up offers only if the role has some significance in the script. At present, I’m starring as the hero’s younger sister in Suseendhiran’s Aadhalaal Kaadhal Seiveer. Besides acting, I love singing and breaking into dancing. My family has a rich musical tradition and I have learnt music from my childhood.

“Photography has always been my hobby but I couldn’t pursue it further. I plan to float a music school in future where economically backward students would get preference in admission. This is my ambition, goal and target for the present,” concludes Durga.


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