Doctorate for Vijayakanth

Doctorate for Vijayakanth
Doctorate for Vijayakanth

Vijayakanth is the latest entrant to the list of politicians and actors who were presented with honorary doctorates.

The actor-turned-politician and DMDK leader will soon be honored with a doctorate by Florida-based International Institute of Church Management (IICM) in appreciation of his services to the society. IICM’s key objective is to provide education for pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers and Christian leaders.

Vijayakanth will be conferred with the doctorate at a function in chennai to be held on December 3, 2010. The IICM’s chief will be presenting the doctorate to the captain.

IICM also strongly feels that Vijayakanth has contributed immensely to the cause of the poor and downtrodden through social welfare activities. “We are happy to confer the doctorate on Vijayakanth”, said an associate of IICM.

Recently having entered the world of Tamil politics Vijayakanth has been trying to change the political scene of TN, which is famous for either only having the ADMK or DMK in power.



  1. Ayyo

    What did the guy did for society?..nothing
    In fact he was not ready to give his marriage hall for society welfare.

    but he dreams of beconing CM


    very true.. if these kind of ppl get docrate then wats the value of those ppl who receives it after so much hardwrk and pain… its a shame

  3. dilip

    i really cant understand what is the value, level and standard of a doctorate is at the present situation.. when especially when it is given like a candy to cine actors who has done nothing great to the society.. doctorate ku irukara madhipey pochu..

  4. Vasin

    Athaane. Aniyayama irku. MBBS or PHD ellam kashtamana padipu. Ethuku ivungalukellam – actors, politicians – doctorate kudukanum. Vera eathavathu peru vechukalame. Like Philanthropist. so

    Phil Vijayakant or Vijayakant(Phil)

  5. ajay

    enna koduma sir ithu..yaar yaaarukellam doctorate kudukanumnu wavestheye illa.y this chruch educators are giving doctorate for him…chi…doctorate mela mariyathaye illama pochu

  6. Vasin

    First all universities must rephrase PhD. Only MBBS doctors must be called doctors. If you are into history it should go as Bachelor, Master & Specialist. BA, MA, SPA.

  7. Final Judgement

    actor vijay ju kodukum podhu VIJAYAKANTH kodukradhula thappu illa

    First and foremost atleast these people from Cine industry should refuse to accept this,

  8. learnersreference com

    we can pay 1 crore to any institution and become docor ourselves…this captain is now doctor…tommorrow to handle his cases he will be lawyer and then he is going to dig his own hole and hence will be honored best vettiyan……..they are not ashamed of this

  9. jamsan

    ippa doctorate kuduthittinga eppo hospital katti tharaporngannu captain wait  pannikittu iruppar…………

  10. koncham mathi yosi

    you are right. DMK planned and ask vijayakanth place. Do you know how many crore DMK family having ? what do you know about india and politics


  11. karthik london

    hi all guys
    try you all for getting doctrates or phd dont abuse or argue for these issues
    we tamilians should not act like this
    have anybody spend one penny for any goodthing
    but mr.vijayakanth spend often
    please thinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  12. venbsa

    This is a scam degree. The founder of this IICM refers to himself as Patriarch Rev and has a gmail id as the primary correspondence to show for !!! Further the IICM is supposedly accredited by World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions which in itself is a dubious institution as per the Wikipedia references that has the GAAP (Government body) references.

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