DMK Supporter Vivek changes track, congratulates Vijayakanth

Vivek Meets Vijayakanth

Comedian Vivek, one of the die-hard DMK supporters and considered close to Kalaignar, surprised his fans and others yesterday when he voluntarily visited DMDK chief Vijayakanth, presented him a shawl congratulating him for the victory of his party and its alliance partner AIADMK, which is the ruling party led by Amma.

As if to convey to others that he’s close to the powers-that-be, Vivek got himself photographed with Vijayakanth. Vivek was so close to those at the helm of affairs in the erstwhile DMK regime and he praised Kalaignar to no end at last year’s function hosted by Kollywood to honour Kalaignar. At that moment, Vivek didn’t even spare Amma with his ‘indirect’ tirades.

With the ‘powers’ at his side, Vivek took the journalist for a ride and had more than once entered into a ‘spat’ with them. Now that DMK’s downslide has started and AIADMK has come to power, Vivek appears to have sensed that ‘change is in the air’ and that he would better switch sides (and allegiances) to ensure that his tenure in the industry is ‘safe’ and ‘hassle-free’.

Vivek congratulated Vijayakanth for his soon-to-be-assumed position of Leader of the Opposition in the newly-constituted State Assembly. It’s significant that Vivek had never paid any attention to Vijayakanth during all these years when the latter was toiling in politics. Now that Vijayakanth has achieved some success, Vivek though it best to reach out to him.


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