Divya Spandana reveals her love affair

Divya Spandana
Divya Spandana

Varanam Aayiram beauty Divya Spandana aka Ramya is in a relationship. Recently she revealed her ‘in a relationship’ status to her fans through a social networking blog. Feeling only merrier to share about her latest relationship unlike other celebrities.

Here is what she told us “I am in a relation and I am very happy as my life is more beautiful now than ever”.

Although she disappointed us hesitating in disclosing the name of the special person she is committed to. She commented,

“I love my profession a lot and my personal life is important for me than my professional life.”

Her next release in Tamil is Singam Puli opposite Jeeva.

With 3 releases Tamil and 5 Kannada projects in her kitty she surely doesn’t need to worry about her professional life for the moment.



  1. Boss

    Hey Spandana dont reveal my name 4 a time being. Lets keep it as a secret 4 some more time. Act in few more movies,enjoy wit few more guys & earn lots of money, give it to me once u r market gets down den u can tell to people..

  2. Vasin

    I checked some other snaps; she is strong; high density flesh for an Indian and solid bone structure. I think she eats chicken for breakfast!!! 

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