Divya Asin

Divya Spandana and Asin share Onam memories

Divya Asin

Asin, Divya Spandana and many others are in Onam spirits today. The beautiful ladies reminisced about their schools days and shared with us memories new and old, on Onam day. Asin is in Mumbai shooting for her Bollywood offering Khiladi currently.

She says, “I will be throwing a dinner party for all my friends in Mumbai. Usually I do head to Kerala for Onam but work has taken over this year and I won’t be able to go. We do have friends an relatives coming over and mother and grandma used to make tasty Onam dishes. Even during my school days I used to invite non Malayalis for the sadhya. It was also the day I got myself a new dress and for girls we wear silk frocks and blouse. ” Vaaranam Aayiram actress Divya Spandana shared, “I studied Malayalam in school. I can read and write and speak Malayalam. Every Malayalam student had to take part in the Onam celebrations. During school days, I used to do the kaikotti Kali dance in the traditional attire and then change into the boat man’s outfit with the fake moustache! I loved it. The pictures I have are really funny and then the food!! Oh! Onam days in school will be always happy memories.” Other actors including Siddharth sent out wishes saying, “Happy Onam to all my friends from Kerala as for me, off for an epic onam sadhya lunch at my friends place.” Kollytalk too wishes all it’s readers a Happy Onam !


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