Divya Spandana’s new neck tattoo reveals her lover’s name

Divya Spandanas Tattoo

Actress Divya Spandana (she doesn’t want to be named as ‘Kuthu’ Ramya) is a very happy girl nowadays. The ‘ban’ imposed on her by the Kannada Film Producers’ Council more than a month ago was revoked in no time and she is said to be doing fine both on the personal as well as the professional fronts.

Divya and controversies go hand in hand as it’s the price she has had to pay for being forthright and outspoken. Some time back, press reports linked Divya to a Swiss national named Raphael and said that they are going ‘steady’ as a pair. The reports further said that Divya was keeping the affair under wraps even as she is spotted frequently in many foreign countries in the company of Raphael.

Everything came to the open recently when Divya watched one of the just-concluded IPL matches sitting in the gallery alongside Raphel. The fact that she has Raphel’s name tattooed on the back of her neck also came to light on the occasion.

Commenting about her tattoo, a confident-looking Divya said, “It’s true that I have got Raphel’s name tattooed on the back of my neck. The name has been tattooed in Hebrew, which is one of the oldest known languages to mankind. The name Raphel means ‘holy’ and when Raphel came to know about the tattoo on the neck, he felt very moved indeed!”

Let’s wish Divya loads of luck in her love affair!



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