Distributors to get “I” only if they take up release of Vallinam?


Aascar Films Ravichandran, who has produced Vallinam starring Nakul and Mrudhula Basker in the lead, found no takers to take up the film’s distribution. In order to get the film released in theatres, Ravichandran has put a condition to distributors, catching them off-guard.

Known for his meticulous planning, Ravichandran has the knack of sensing what could be a film’s budget even when listenting to its script. However, Arivazhagan (of Eeram fame), who has directed Vallinam, is said to have over-shot the film’s budget by several lakhs of rupees. Upset at the developments, Ravichandran didn’t show much interest in completing and releasing Vallinam in theatres.

The producer then decided to continue and completed the film after some hiatus. However, the distributors aren’t willing to take up the film given the fact that Nakul hardly has any market value these days. Finding the going tough, Ravichandran has now put a condition to distributors.

He has announced, albeit unofficially, that only those distributors who take up the release of Vallinam would be given the release rights of his upcoming production I which is directed by Shankar and has Vikram and Amy Jackson in lead roles. Distributors are now queuing up outside Ravichandran’s residence to take up the release of Vallinam as they realize that they could ill-afford to neglect I.


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