Disneyland debut for Simbu’s nephew Samarth – Pic


While Vada Chennai with director Vertimaaran is of no immediate concern for Simbu, the actor has happily started the shoots for his Poda Podi. This urban romance has Varalxmi Sarathkumar making her debut, with the songs shot in international locations including Hong Kong.

Simbu was a bit down during starting the Hong Kong shoots saying, “Fell sick yesterday. Kinda ok today but have a lot of dancing shots so hope ill b fine soon !!!” Rains playing spoilsport, delayed the shoots furthermore. But it came as a blessing in disguise for the actor who got just enough time to recover from his illness. He jumped back with the big confirmations saying, “Finally the rain stopped 🙂 got some rest and feeling a lot better now. Time to rock Disney land !!!! Start sound !!!”  Announcing the Disney shoots in Hong Kong, Simbu also disclosed, he’d have his nephew Samarth making his debut as Simbu’s kid in the movie. The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, is a dream destination for kiddos, riding with your favorite Disney toons, photo sessions with Pluto and Mickey, and an exclusive Toy story land where you can meet Woody and his friends. Simbu and Samarth got along well during his recent trip to USA, so he decided to take the little guy with him for Poda Podi too.  Samarth sure is a lucky fella!


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