Director Suraj

Director Suraaj’s obsession on Rajini film titles

Director Suraj

Director Suraaj is the only director among the present generation of film-makers to have made maximum use of superstar Rajinikanth’s earlier films and popular songs. After using titles of Rajini’s successful films such as Padikkadhavan and Maappillai as the title of his films starring Dhanush in the lead, he has now named his upcoming film after one of the famous characters played by Rajini in the early eighties.

Suraaj also made use of some of Rajini’s popular numbers as re-mixes in his films. His next film has been titled Alex Pandian, the name of the character of a tough cop essayed with an amazing degree of alacrity by Rajini in the super-duper hit Moondru Mugam. Rajini played triple roles in the film and one of the roles was that of the cop Alex Pandian, considered by many as one of Rajini’s best-ever performances.

Alex Pandian would star Karthi in the lead role. When queried as to what was the logic behind naming his films after Rajini’s films and characters, Suraaj said, “I have been an ardent fan of Rajini Sir for the past many years. Whenever I sit down to select a suitable title for my films, titles of Rajini’s various films would go through my mind. I feel that naming my film after his films is my way of paying respects and tributes to him.

“I’m also aware that by naming new films after old films, the possibility of the old films getting complete forgotten is always there; yet, in Rajini’s case, it may not happen. Karthi’s role in the film won’t even come close to the cop’s role essayed by Rajini in Moondru Mugam. I’m aware of Rajini’s fans’ sentiments and can assure that the film, when it is completed, would only add to the fame of Rajini Sir,” concludes Suraaj.


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