Director SS Kumaran changes track, goes back to scoring music

SS-Kumaran goes back to music

S.S. Kumaran directed the film Theneer Vidhthi which released a few months back. Kumaran, who had a good job prior to coming to the industry, quit the job and score the music of critically acclaimed films like Poo and Kalavaani. Kumaran’s tunes, which were immersed in nativity, were instant hits particularly among the people in the rural side.

Kumaran had made plenty of documentary films. He studied cinematography at the Film Institute but debuted not as a cinematographer but as a music director in Poo. Kumaran is one of those few music directors who mix equal measure of traditional carnatic music as well as the folk music of the State.

Kumaran reportedly d doesn’t charge much for his work in a film. He made his directorial debut with the film Theneer Viduthi which, despite the pre-release hype, didn’t live upto the mark at the box-office. Undeterred by the failure of Theneer…, Kumaran has already moved on to his next directorial venture titled Kerala Naattilam Pengaludanae.

Meanwhile, the many directors who have been waiting for Kumarans’ music are not amused by his directorial instincts which take a large portion of his time. Bowing to pressure form them and his friends, Kumaran has ‘liberated’ his directorial instincts or the time being has stared composing music to fulfill his earlier commitment!


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