Director slaps fan who misbehave’s with Anjali

Anjali -Thoonga-Nagaram-Movie-StillJust a day after we had reported Samantha has been harassed by a group at Tirupathi, now it is Anjali at  Madurai.

Director Gaurav, who has been making ‘Thoonga Nagaram’ with ‘Pasanga’ Vimal and Anjali in the lead roles, was shooting for the film at Madurai recently when some unsavoury scenes were witnessed. The debutant director’s film is produced by Durai Dayanidhi (son of Union Chemicals minister Azhagiri) on behalf of his Could Nine Movies.

Besides directing the film, Gaurav (an erstwhile assistant director who had worked with K.S. Ravikumar) is also playing the role of one of the friends of Vimal in the film. Recently, the film’s shooting was taking place at Madurai Central Bus Terminus when trouble erupted. Besides Anjali and Vimal, 500-odd extra artistes were also shooting for the film.

The crowd of onlookers got bigger by the minute and soon swelled and formed a ring around the shooting crew. Some local youths, who happened to be crowding near Anjali, started teasing her. They pretended as if they were about to embrace her,  scared Anjali screamed for help.

When the shooting couldn’t be continued amid chaos, some fans used the ‘opportunity’ to pull the actress by the hand. Irritated at what was happening, Gaurav slapped a few of them and asked them to behave properly. The locals threatened Gaurav with dire consequences but Gaurav retorted saying (naanum madurai karanthaanda) that he too belonged to Madurai and was ready for ‘anything’.

Co-incidentally, the film’s script has Madurai as the backdrop!



  1. [email protected]

    madurai guys are always like that with out any manners… i studied in an engineering college in coimbatore.we had guys from madurai….they always bahave crazy with women like they have never seen women in their life…tamil la solanumna…”pattikaatan mittai kadaya paatha madhiri” endha ponna paathalam pinnadi povanuga…..

    grow up madurai guys

    [email protected]

  2. Perembur Guy

    Amma Un kathai enna kathai, Un College la Madurai kaaran kitta friendship maintain panna mudiyala na, nee yarukudiayam friendship maintain panna mudiyathu, thy r bst expl 4 friendship dude..

  3. naanga madurai karngyadaa

    dai thaalchaa ella urllaum intha mathiri pasanga irukka than seivaanga seriya, aana evan urlaum yethuthu kellvi kekka mattanga avan avan ___pothiki2 povannunga ana maduraiku vanthu paaru sanga aruthuruvoomda….

  4. devakottai guy

    muthalla, intha cinema karangala udhaikkanumda, entha kootathaiyum(urru, jaathi, kurupitta tholizhyl seiyravanga) yeathividurathu ivangaithan… Arasangam ellathukkum sattam kondu varamudiathu, thani manitha ollukkam vennumda ellea…

  5. aravind

    I know sm madurai guys…..they r very nice to move with…….the big minus is they r very much open minded…….also when they r single they would be very nice…but sm how when they form groups they would behave differently…..its very normal as other guys…..they usually support their frs even if they commit wrong…this cohesiveness leads to problem….but its totally nonsense to balme all the guys of madurai….vignesh its better to stop such comments….

  6. subash

    mr.vignesh dont blame our guys director also told that he is also a madurakaran so dont blame our guys here after

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