Director Shankar: Endhiran on the lines of Avatar so the wait is worth it


The wait for ‘Endhiran’ is building up the anxiety on the film day by day. The whole Tamil industry waits for it’s biggest release of the year starring Superstar Rajinianth. Shankar has been facing one question of late – why the delay in releasing Endhiran?

According to the director, Endhiran requires a lot of work and research and that is the major cause for the delay. He adds that the amount of work put in the making of Endhiran will be evident soon after it hits the silver screens. Endhiran would answer for the delay once it get released.

The director rues that James Cameroon took nearly 12 years to complete Avatar, but he was never questioned on the delay. He reveals that Endhiran will be on the lines of Avatar so the wait is worth it!


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