Director Shankar confirms the political punch dialogues in Endhiran

We had reported earlier on the few leaked punch diagolues in Endhiran.

‘Vazhkkai Koduppavan Vakkaalan, Vaaikkarisi Poduravan Vetpaalan’,

‘Arthasasthram Unga Vazhi, Dharmasasthram En Vazhi’,

‘Arasiyalil Endrumey Naan Nirayuthapani’,
When questioned about this, Shankar said that it was true indeed. Shankar clarifies that he included the dialogues only after discussing it with the Superstar. According to the director, when he disclosed about the dialogues to Rajini, he merely smiled and did not object to it. However, the Superstar made one request, which is not to target any particular politician or political party, he added.

Shankar opines that Rajini must enter politics as he has a huge fan base that can be converted to a political force to bring in the necessary change in the society. He felt that this force and power should not go waste.



  1. Anonymous

    Change in society cannot be brought by any politician, it is a mass of people thinks in the right way, and that can happen only by GOD's blessings.

  2. Anonymous

    Rajani cant make changes..he might have alot of fan base..but in reality rajani cant come close to what MGR did…

  3. Anonymous


    Guys take it easy,..

    Neither god nor another MGR can do good to our country.
    Its us who have to.That too its not gonna be a one day even. It needs years and years of hardwork.

    Plz do start to educate people by explaining democracy.
    There is no fckn need to praise one man as god or leader. Thats called called as revolutionist.

    India is suppposed to be a democratic country but guess wat has happened. Yes. Its exactly wat u think it is.

    We have becme as a capitalist country. Like most other western countries.

    Lets start our work in order 2 mke india a pure democratic country.

    Is we start now,I am sure that we will be good in our forthcuming generation.

    Jai Hind

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