Director Samy’s ‘Sadham’ has no sex theme

The controversial Tamil director Samy has decided not to venture into “unknown territories fraught with danger” and instead decided to take the crowded family films highway.

He is gearing up for his next venture, titled ‘Sadham’ (Century), a movie with youngsters playing the lead roles, the main theme of ‘Sadham’ will be sports.

Samy confessed: “Henceforth I want to do only family entertainers, without any messages. ‘Sadham’ will be clean entertainer with no place for controversies. After ‘Sindhu Samaveli’, I have made a decision not to focus on such subjects. And I will stick on to it”

Samy’s Sindhu Samaveli is facing the ire of conservative audiences in the state. The movie on “forbidden love” between a man and his daughter-in-law, has stirred a hornets’ nest. Samy received threatening calls and even his car was smashed.

Samy whose earlier films like Uyir and Mirugam were on forbidden relationships, but were successful at the box-office. However Sindhu Samaveli, critically the best of the lot only took a lukewarm opening.

“Though many understood the theme of ‘Sindhu Samaveli’, some opposed the film for reasons best known to them. All that I wanted was to portray the battle between the mind and the body of a woman”, he says.

So as of now Samy has decided not to make ‘controversial films’ anymore.



  1. asdf

    Ivan oru somareenayeee.  WHy he has to show women always in bad light. Ivan thirunduna mattum ivan cinema yaravadhu parpangala.Ivan innoru S.J.Surya. Address illama thiriya poraen. bloody pevert

  2. arun

    naasama pona samy naaye.. sami nu pera vechitu yenda ipdi patta velayellam panra..
    ponnungala kevala padutharadhey unaku polala pochu..

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