Director ‘rejects’ hero’s request for lip-lock sequence in Thangaratham


Director Balamurugan, who is helming the upcoming film Thangaratham, is said to have turned down the request of the film’s hero to ‘insert’ a lip-lock sequence.

Of late, lip-lock sequences have become very common in Tamil films; Hindi films had taken a lead in this more than three decades back. However, Balamurugan didn’t entertain his hero Vetri’s request for inserting a lip-lock sequence in his film as it just didn’t fit the script.

“The script is about the clash between vendors Vetri and Soundararaja, who work in the vegetable market delivering vegetables by tempo to other malls and shops. Vetri falls in love with Soundararaja’s sister Aditi and whether their love affair ended in marriage or not is what the rest of the film is about,” Balamurugan says.

“It’s a romantic film for sure but I didn’t accede to Vetri’s request to set-up a lip-lock sequence between him and Aditi as it wasn’t in tune with the script I had planned,” says Balamurugan. Mottai Rajendran and Aadukalam Naren play prominent roles in the film which is produced by Verghese and has music by Toni Britto.


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