Director Ramesh’s novel attempt at Puthiya Kaaviyam song picturization

Puthiya Kaviyam
Puthiya Kaviyam

Ramesh, the debutant director of the upcoming film titled ‘Pudhiya Kaviyam’, has attempted a different and ‘novel’ way of picturizing the song(s) in the film. The film also marks the debut as heroine of the talented Jhanvi, whose major plus point is cited to be her beautiful pair of eyes in a pretty face.

While shooting for a particular song sequence, Ramesh has made used only the still photographs of Jhanvi, shot at various locations in a variety of costumes. Really, with no motion picture or sequences showing any movement of men or things, the whole song repeatedly shows photographs of the actress’ different poses.

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Ramesh seems to be well aware of the risks involved in ‘making’ such a song but the urge to be the ‘first director’ to have used this technique must have scored over this anxiety.  The director has  also included  ‘test’ stills of the actress clicked prior to selecting her to play the lead role in the film as its heroine!

However good (or bad) the technique could be, it is definite to be a burden on the audience who would have watch more than one song in the film with similar technique. But the pleasing aspect is the songs composed by V. Tashi, a popular music director from the neighbouring God’s Own Country,  the songs are melodious and are treat to the ears!


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