Director Myskkin an Avid Reader

Mysskin Avid Reader

Just two films old, and Director Mysskin has already established a style of his own. Chitiram Pesudhadi heralded the arrival of a genuinely original Tamil filmmaker, and Anjathey confirmed Chitiram was no fluke. He is currently busy shooting with ‘Yutham sei’, in which Cheran plays the lead role.

Mysskin is one such avid reader, who has a huge collection of rarest books in all languages. “I can proudly say I own a collection of the rarest books in all languages”, he says.

“My schooling was in Tamil. I started to read books to improve my English. But, after entering the world of books, I realized the depth it had. Now I can’t think of a world without books, something as important as the very air I breathe. I have learnt and transformed a lot through reading books.   I keep buying and reading many books and stack them at my office and home.. “

“Books help me understand the lives of people in different parts of the world, something like Dostoyvesky’s ‘Idiot’ or ‘Crime and Punishment’ taught me a lot about people of Russia. The knowledge that one can gain is enriching. I feel very happy while being immersed in a book than while doing anything else.”, he explained.

The Director also knows several languages including German and Japanese. On this Myskin says, “I know several languages including German and Japanese. This helps me in understanding the literature of different countries. But  However, I like Tamil better than any language. I believe no author can do what Avvaiyar and Thiruvalluvar did during their time — conveying their thoughts in such short sentences,” he says.


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