Director Kissing Amulya – Pics and Video leaked

Kanna Director caught kissing heroine

The Indian film industry is degrading its standards with each passing day and a recent example for that is the latest incident in the Kannada circuit which has caused a major controversy.

Photos which were showing director Kannada Ratnaja allegedly kissing teenage actress Amulya have leaked out to the media recently.

All these Pictures were aired in a private news channel in Karnataka which has created a sensation in Sandalwood.

Amulya , a 17-year old heroine who is currently doing her second year PUC and director Ratnaja of Premise fame have hit the headlines after the pictures of their lip lock kissing scenes and videos were leaked to the media. Amulya played the female lead in Kannada film Premise, released earlier this year.

Director Kissing Amulya As telecasted in TV9 News

According to media, it was Ratnaja’s condition that he would make Amulya the heroine for his next two movies if she allows him to kiss her. It is also heard that a 1 minute video of both getting intimate is leaked.

As usual both the director and family members of the heroine have alledged that this is a case of morphing and they will take necessary action.

Director Ratnaja said that he received a call from a man who was identified himself as Vijaya Krishna and he demanded for money.

 “Vijay Krishna asked me for my email ID. I did not respond to him. I warned him that if he called again I would file a police complaint. He called once more and I told my advocate. But Vijaya Krishna allegedly did not respond to the advocate’s calls and text messages.”,  Ratnaja said.

“Two days ago, my associate called to say that a photo was doing the rounds. I did not complain earlier because the actress would also be put to trouble for the act of some pervert,” Ratnaja told Bangalore.

Some say that Ratnaja had pictures of intimate moments he shared with Amulya during the shooting of Premism in September last year saved on his mobile phone.

The mobile phone was misplaced and it found its way to the blackmailers who began calling Ratnaja and demanding he pay them Rs 1 crore. When they did not get the money, they made the pictures public,” said the source.

 Another story doing the rounds is that a producer is bailing out Ratnaja by buying out all the pics and the footage.

Amulya said the picture and the scandal they had created had shocked her. “I am not in a position to say anything. Following the promotional campaign for Premism, I have not been in touch with Ratnaja. My intentions are clear. I don’t have need to resort to do such things for just two movies. I have turned down over 40 films after Cheluvina Chittara. I am not able to tell you if I was in Belgaum around the time you mention. Frankly, I don’t remember.”

Though the single photograph that is out in the open shows two people, whose resemblance to Amulya and Ratnaja is unmistakable, just kissing on the lips, the other picturess are said to be of the actress in the nude. The video is alleged to be of the two having sex. Ratnaja was engaged to be married last November to the sister-in-law of a well-known film editor.



  1. Anonymous

    These heroines do all such things just for the fame and money.

    My God..She is just 17 years old..

    But she indulges in such activities

  2. Anonymous

    Kissing a guy that is the same age as her dad… thats disgusting. She has just degraded herself so badly.
    And totally agree, the media should have better things to put on than this.

  3. Anonymous

    it is a morphed photo . Anyone who knows photoshop can do this … if you give me your sister's and father's photo i will produce a photo as if she is smooching your father!

    Disgusting isn't it ?? In the same way it is disgusting to talk about a person who is just 17 with a morphed pic like this one! Get a life and stop believing such things!

  4. Anonymous

    This is a shame! The media has no other job than discussing so much about a kiss. Who cares if they kissed or f****d. It looks as if the media people have no job.

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