Nicole leaves shooting spot

Director files case against actress Nicole

Nicole leaves shooting spot

Remember actress Nicole who played the lead role in films like Adada Enna Azhagu, Aaru Maname and Naikutti? The bubbly Nicole is making a comeback of sorts in the upcoming film titled Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam (ONV) which marks the grand comeback of actress Sonia Aggarwal who plays the title role in the film of that of an actress. The film is said to be Sonia’s big ticket to achieving stardom in her second stint in Kollywood.

Nicole was signed up to star in a small role in ONV, which is directed by Raj Krishna. The actress was reportedly promised a fee of Rs.1.5 lakhs. Besides her fee, she was also provided accommodation at a star hotel for her stay during the shooting of the film in Chennai. Obviously, the producer took care of the boarding and lodging expenses in respect of the actress. Still, Nicole reused to cooperate with the Unit, it is alleged.

When she was asked to come to Nellor for the shooting, she reportedly avoided and said that she was having ‘skin infection’. Though she had been paid Re.1 lakh prior to the shooting, she was adamant that she would start shooting only if the remaining amount is paid to her. When the producer said he would give her a cheque for Rs.25,000 and would settle the dues later, Nicole didn’t agree to it.

Without informing the crew, she reportedly left for Pune where she resides. Following this, Raj Krishna has said that he’d file a case against her with the Court as well as at the Producers’ Council. On her part, Nicole has refused that she didn’t cooperate and said that she returned home only because of non-payment of her fee. “I didn’t create any hindrance to the shooting schedule; instead, I was the one who underwent many difficulties,” says Nicole.


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