Director Ameer – Neetu Chandra dances for an item song in Myshkin’s movie

Director Myshkin is known to have an ‘item’ number unfailingly in all his films.

Myskhkin has directed two movies Chittiram Paesudhadi and Anjathey. His ‘Nandalala’ is completed and has been lying in cold storage for some time now, facing ‘financial issues’.

In his movies, if Maalavika danced for ‘Vaala Meenukkum…’ in ‘Chittiram Paesudhadi’, it was Snigdha who enchanted the audience with the number ‘Kathazha Kannala…’ in ‘Anjathay’.

Myshkin is now making ‘Yuttham Sei’, said to be an action-packed thriller, with Cheran in the lead. For the ‘item’ song in this number, Myshkin has reportedly roped in Neetu Chandra, seen in films like ‘Yaavaraum Nalam’ and ‘Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai’.

Neetu Chandra first appeared reluctant to dance for the ‘item’ number but agreed to do the same after she heard Myshkin’s reputation.

Director-actor Ameer, one of Cheran’s best friends, would be dancing for the ‘item’ number along with Neetu Chandra.

Ameer, known for his serious films, didn’t like the idea of dancing for an ‘item’ number but accepted the offer by the demands of his close friend Cheran.

Ameer was last seen on-screen in last year’s ‘Yogi’ in which he danced for a song, surprising himself and many in the industry. Ameer learnt the nuances of dancing for the one-song affair in ‘Yogi’ and appears to continue his dancing traits in ‘Yuttham Sei’!

Well, he should be lucky to get to dance with Neetu, one of the top heroines of Bollywood.

Says Neetu Chandra: “I am hoping that the dance movements would be slow and sensuous like the ones seen in ‘Vaala Meenu’ and ‘Kathala Kannala’. I will be wearing some ‘heavy’ ornaments and would be clad in an yellow sari, which has proved to be lucky for the director!”


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