Dipa Shah Oviya Fight

Dipa Shah clears the air on quarrel with Oviya

Dipa Shah Oviya Fight

Dipa Shah, the stunner, has issued a statement clarifying her stand vis-à-vis reports appearing in the press in the recent days about her ‘spat’ with co-star and actress Oviya during the shooting of her maiden Tamil film Sillunu Oru Sandhippu opposite Vimal. The shooting of the film is progressing briskly, it is reported.

Dipa says that trouble started when Oviya’s manager entered her caravan on more than than one occasion for on apparent reason. “I was surprised by his entry a few times into the caravan. After some time, Oviya came there and started her interview to the press. I though it’d end soon but continued and I just started adjusting my hair to get ready for my part of the shoot.

“The manager then rudely asked me to get out of the caravan as my presence was ‘disturbing’ the interview Oviya was giving. I told him not to interfere with my work as I was only preparing for my shoot. He then started shouting unnecessarily at me. It was my caravan which I was sharing with Oviya and how can her manager talk to me in such a rude manner?

“I was stunned when he tried to hit me in the face and was too shocked to react for a few moments. I simply left the caravan and returned to my room in the hotel. After some time, I returned and resumed the shoot. I didn’t create any ruckus and as such I’m not responsible for what happened on that day. I didn’t want to say anything but thought it fit to issue a statement so that my name is not ‘unfairly’ damaged,” said Dipa’s statement.


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