Dileep-Manju Warrier-Kavya Madhavan

Dileep denies he divorced Manju for Kavya

Dileep-Manju Warrier-Kavya Madhavan
Dileep-Manju Warrier-Kavya Madhavan

Popular Mollywood star Dileep has denied that he has divorced his actress-wife Manju Warrier in order to continue his ‘affair’ with the recently-divorced Kavya Madhavan. Dileep and Manju fell in love and married in 1998 when Manju’s career was going great guns. After marriage, though, Manju quit acting and became a dutiful housewife.

Manju, who had won many awards for her stellar performances in films, started her marital life at Cochin. The couple reportedly developed some serious differences in the recent times and are said to be staying ‘separately’ for the past few months.

A recent report in Mollywood indicated that Dileep was contemplating divorcing the 34-year old Manju Warrier as he has become ‘very close’ to the 28-year old Kavya Madhavan, the actress who recently divorced her husband and made a comeback into Malayalam films. Kavya was literally depicted as a ‘home-breaker’ by some reports.

In this regard, Dileep has spoken out, breaking his silence for a long time. “I have been pained by the rumours in the press which stated that I had divorced my wife Manju. Nothing like that has happened; each couple faces problems in their marital lives and it need not necessarily mean that all are heading for divorce,” said Dileep and conceded that it was indeed true that due to some ‘misunderstanding’, he and Manju had been living separately for the past few months.

“However, the separation isn’t a permanent one,” he added and refused to react to rumours linking him and Kavya.



  1. Minaxi

    Seems like Koshamattam rakshasi is on a winning path;hero has already bought her a luxury car and also getting a bungalow built.Amma rakshsi is rumoured to have informed Manju of their affair to get her daughter rakshasi in Dileep`s hands.


    Nala jodikalil onnayirunnu dileep um manju vum.. ipozho ? elam kazhinju… kavya avalde swantham jeevitham tholachu ipol ivarudeyum … entha ivalde asugam ??

    1. Binish Sayana

      Ithonnum veddayirunnu. Njagal presharkku manjuvum dileepum orupole.cinimayil Raddu perum vijayichu. But Geevithathil thottu poyi . Yendhayalum nigal nalla jodikalayirunnu. Ini paranjitu karyamillallo.

  3. A. M. Mathew

    Dear all !

    Marriage takes place at the Heaven before God; witnessed by relatives and friends. Marriage is not a joke. Once you tie the mangalsutra (Thali mala) it is your life long partner at all seasons whether it is good or bad till death.

    Adjust yourselves, compromise wherever necessary. Kindly do not think for divorce or separation. At last the your daughter is the sufferer for no fault of her.

    In the family life there are so many issues and obstacles. These are to sorted out within the family level instead of making publicity among the people who love you, respect you. Certain people are looking forward for such litigation’s especially the media people to get credit for their hot news from the public.

    Try to understand each others and settle the things amicably. As well wishers, we all are looking forward for your happiness especially from my inner heart. I respect you, love you not as a relative or we do not know each others as to am I who. I have seen Mr. Dileep at Pune when there was a musical night of Mr. M. G. Sreekumar accompanied by Ms Kavya Madhavan & Mr. Jagati Sreekumr. We all are pround of all of you in the Malayalam Film Industry in its right path and not in a disturbed
    situation. What will be happened in the next moment who knows. Take example of Mr. Jagati Sreekumr, what he was and what he is as on today.

    You are the best judge to take sole decision about your life and I am no body for you. But as a well wisher I wrote all the above at least to express my mind about you.

    I am writing this mail from Pune. I am settled permanently here after my retirement from Govt. Service (Military Farms Organization under Ministry of Defence). My native place is Kallooppara, Mallappany Tehsil in Pathanamthitta District.

    Nothing more to add hence I stops my words here.

    Yours ever loving well wisher

    A. M. Mathew
    Mobile 08879001557


  4. Aiswarya

    It’s really a shocking news! .plz take the right decision for the sake of ur daughter .God is the man who is directing all the things.

  5. Anish Panicker

    Now it seems finalized that Manju and Dileep are parting their ways. Reports were that both have signed the separation document, which is to be submitted at Thrissur Family court.

    Manju is a prolific actress and she will make her strong comeback in Malayalam films…..


  6. Nibras Ul Eman

    Oh . What a fantastic thing you are did oh my kavya.
    Angane kayamkulam kochunnyetane vala veeshi pidichu alle.

  7. shahmil khan

    Aashichavan aagashathil ninnoru aane kittye .aaakaashom koode pone alle inte kavye….

    Onaa thattatta nte saare pinne chuttullathonnum kaanan pattoola….onte mogam mathram………………….

  8. pupi

    Shame on dileep .. keep on changing wife ..acting in many movies giving good morals and doing immorals…Enthaanedo nannavathathu…Why don’t you think about your daughter she needs her mother because “Mother is always Mother”.

  9. sasudhan

    dileep manju separated hurray !!!
    extra marital affairs are home breakers
    dileep dissagreed on manju to make her comeback.
    he warned manju warrier many times about his discomfort of manju being in the limelight again and she wouldn’t listen.
    didn’t expect dileep being the reason for blocking manju warrier to comeback into movies
    dileep actually made bad behind unfair terms with a director to stop casting her in that movie.

  10. Mefinraphy

    This very bad decision. They r really fell in a trouble. Their marriage is lovemarriage. ENIKU BHAYANKARA VISHAMAMAYI.NJAN IVAR RANDU PERUDEYUM VALIYA FAN ANNNU. Matoralumayi bhandham pularthunath athra nalathonum alaaa


    സ്വകാര്യതയില്‍ ഇടപെടുന്നത് ശരിയല്ല.വിവാദങ്ങള്‍ അവസാനിപ്പിക്കുക.

  12. suresh

    Manjuvum kavyayum paavamalle . Veruthe enthinanu avare vivadhathilekku valichizhakkunnathu ? Be a good husband & be a good friend

  13. Anitha

    Dileep, all women in kerala are really hate you.. . . ! Husbandne

    upeshicha Aa Paratta Kavyayku vendiyalle nee pavam

    manjuvine upeshichathu. Ninne snehichu koode vanna

    pennalle Manju. Ninnepolullavare ini malayala cinimayku

    venda. Neeyulla Oru cinimayum njangal kanilla. Allenkil

    cinimakalil kanunnathupole Manjuvinodu sorry paranju

    Veendum ningal onnikku. Allenkil All of us are hate you, hate

    you, hate UUUUUUUUU so much.

  14. Ajitha

    Dileep, all women in kerala are really hate you.. . . ! . Ninne

    snehichu koode vanna pennalle Manju. Ninnepolullavare ini

    malayala cinimayku venda. Neeyulla Oru cinimayum njangal

    kanilla. Allenkil cinimakalil kanunnathupole Manjuvinodu

    sorry paranju veendum ningal onnikku. Allenkil All of us are hate you, hate

    you, hate UUUUUUUUU so much.

  15. anil lal

    Don’t take it as big thing. As for me, Dileep, Manju, Kavya etc, are like ordinary people. They have the same idiosyncrasies as the general public. Film stars are not intellectual than ordinary or common men. So we can expect these kind of behavior from them. The common man at least have commonsense.

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