Director Ravikumar calls off relationship with Sujibala

Unmai Movie PosterRavikumar, the debutant director-producer  of the upcoming film Unmai which has actress Sujibala playing the female lead, has announced that he has called off his on-again, off-again relationship with Sujibala.

Readers might recall that reports of Sujibala attempting suicide after (Ravikumar ditched her) appeared in the media some time back. Later, her family members claimed she didn’t do so and had been to hospital to get treated for a routine illness.

Sujibala, who made the grade as heroine in films thanks to her fame on small-screen, fell in love with Ravikumar during the making of Unmai. The duo got the consent from their respective parents and was planning to get married. Their engagement ceremony took place in Nagercoil a few months back. As it turned out, the couple started developing some ‘misunderstanding’ days prior to their scheduled date of marriage.

Following this, Ravikumar reportedly left Sujibala which made the latter attempt suicide. Later, she said she didn’t try to commit suicide and said that as per earlier plan, she would be marrying Ravikumar albeit on a different date.

In the meantime, Ravikumar had been to Sujibala’s residence at Vaidhyanathapuram in Nagarcoil .

An On-lookers said on condition of anonymity out the couple were talking  as usual, all of sudden, the conversation soon turned out into a full-fledged verbal due. And the director not only pushed Sujibala to the ground but also quit the house in a hurry, taking along with him some important ‘documents’ which were in Sujibala’s custody.

Talking to press persons at his native Kancheepuram, Ravikumar said that the proposed marriage has now been ‘called off’ altogether. “It’s true that I and Sujibala got engaged to get married. However, following irreconcilable differences of opinion between us, we have called it quits. From now on, I call off all my relationship with Sujibala,” he announced.

We’re sure we haven’t heard the last in the matter!


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