Dialogue writer lauds Vishals performance in Avan Ivan

Vishal Avan Ivan
Vishal Avan Ivan

Winner of the prestigious Tagore award for one of his works, Author S. Ramakrishnan has penned the dialogues of popular director Bala’s upcoming film ‘Avan Ivan’. The film, which has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, has Vishal and Arya playing roles that both have never essayed so far in their respective careers. The icing on the cake, observers point out, would be Vishal’s ‘squint-eyed’ act throughout the film.

Ramakrishnan says he felt very proud to be associated in a major way with the making of Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’. “I didn’t merely stop at penning the dialogues and giving the manuscripts to Bala; as a matter of fact, I traveled with the director and the crew to most of the places where the shooting was held,” reveals SR.

“Out of my own interest, I accompanied the crew; what I encountered during the shooting was something that can’t be described with mere use of words. It’s highly doubtful whether anybody could have attempted a better job of the script than Bala, who has realistically brought to celluloid the ‘visual version’ of the script in the most practical manner possible.

“I’m not unduly worried about the minor changes that Bala has made to the script and the dialogues in some places; after all, I’m quite aware that film-making is done by a group of individuals and the director happens to be the captain of that group. Penning novels, though, is a different ‘cup of tea’ as there won’t be anyone other than me to vet or edit my version,” says SR.

“In my opinion, Vishal has delivered a stunning performance in the film and may go on to collect many awards for his role in the film,” concludes Ramakrishnan.


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