Mayakkam Enna Song to be banned

Dhanush’s Mayakkam Enna song insults Women?

Mayakkam Enna Song to be banned

Dhanush appears to be the busiest man in the whole planet. The national award-winning actor has been receiving bouquets and brickbats in equal measure for his Why this Kolavaeri song from his upcoming film 3 which is scheduled to hit the screens in the first week of February. He now has another issue, which is not an unexpected one, to contend with.

The song ‘Kadhal Yen Kaadhal Adhu Kanneerilae‘ sung by Dhanush in Selvaraghavan’s Mayakkam Enna which released a couple of months ago has returned to haunt Dhanush even as he is busy preparing himself mentally and physically for the theatrical release of 3. Complaints have been leveled against the song for possessing the potential to abet violence against women in society.

As such, a plea for banning the song from the film has also been made. The film marked the debut of Richa Gangopadhyaya as heroine in Tamil films. Dhanush plays the protagonist in the role of a freelance wildlife photographer. The above-said song reportedly contains derogatory terms which denigrate women and her character which hasn’t gone down well with the womenfolk.

The most insulting part of the song is said to be the lyric(Ponnunga Ellam Vaalvin Saabam), which, when translated into English, says that ‘Women are the curse of life’. An individual named Ramasubramanian has filed a case with the Court saying that these lines have the potential to foment violence against women in a big way. “In a society which still hesitates to give equal rights to women, these type of acts are highly condemnable,” he said in his complaint.

“Our heritage has always celebrated womanhood and this song appears totally against the accepted norms of culture,” he said and sought a ban on the song.

Meanwhile, director Selvaa expressed surprise that objections are raised almost after two months of the film’s release. “The said song is sung jovially in the film and has no intention to malign women in any way,” he said. It may be noted that Dhanush and Selvaa have jointly penned the song.


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