rakhi sawant Dhanush

Dhanush’s absence irks Bollywood’s Rakhi Sawant

rakhi sawant Dhanush

Sexy Rakhi Sawant, the popular ‘item girl’ of Bollywood, was hugely upset when actor Dhanush failed to turn up at an event to dance with her for the super-duper hit song Why this Kolaveri di… from Dhanush’s latest release 3.

Rakhi Sawant has been in the news for various reasons for the past few years including her participation in various reality shows on the telly. The actress, who was spotted in Kamal Haasan’s Mumbai Express, was to dance along with Dhanush on stage at an event in Mumbai. She was sounded well in advance by the organizers and had arrived at the given time promptly.

The duo was to perform for the above-said song, penned and sung by Dhanush himself. Though grand arrangements had been made at the venue, the dance performance couldn’t be staged as Dhanush didn’t turn up at the event till the very last minute. This has obviously irritated Rakhi, who has said that Dhanush’s absence had poured ‘cold water’ on her efforts in preparing elaborately for the performance on stage.

“I agreed to come mainly because the organizers had told me that I’d have to dance with Dhanush for the Kolaveri number. I had rehearsed many a time and all the efforts have now gone in vain. As a professional, Dhanush should have fulfilled his promise of appearing at the event; it’s highly unprofessional on his part to first agree to come to a particular event and then withdrawing from the same at the last moment,” says Rakhi.

Commenting about his absence, Dhanush said that he had to be in Chennai at that time in connection with the release of 3 and couldn’t fly to Mumbai to take part in the event.


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