Dhanushs 3 movie new posters

Munnu poster 1

Here are some new poster releases for the Aishwarya directorial debut flick ‘Moonu’ which is presently being shot in ‘namma’ Chennai. The posters have been beautifully designed by the ‘3’design team who have stylishly in-scripted the names of the actor, producer and others in a stylish running font.(the only problem seems to be the line “Bhooting in progress”, that’s how it looks if not observed closely.) The poster has the lead duo of Shruti Hassan and Aishwarya’s hubby Dhanush sharing a passionate pose as they wrap their arms a full ‘three’ sixty degrees around each other.

The second pic has Dhanush and Shruti leaving their coffee on the floor (he couldn’t find a table) and a pleading Dhanush asking Shruti to shift a little inside as there is no place to sleep in the room. The only place he finds seems to be the white sofa which has already been occupied by Shruti. (Come on people! first you need to buy a coffee-table and then a big cot , OK its’ the other way around… Point is both are essentials ). The third one seems to be the most romantic of the all as the long-haired heroine splashes her wet hair on Dhanush’s bristly-shaved face (Shruti, MIND IT !…..your hair needs to be protected from rough surface, otherwise it can lead to hair loss and…lack of moisture.and……bl…blah.)

Enjoy the Moonu-Moonu posters! 

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  1. Vasin

    Appo Sri Lankas a paartha odiruveenga

    <img style=”visibility: visible;” src=”http://p.imgci.com/db/PICTURES/CMS/136800/136823.jpg”/>

  2. Smile

    In the second still,i feel they should have exchanged their positions.Dhanush lying on the couch and Shruthi sitting.Shruthi is pretty in that jeans and top….

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