Dhanush:Aishwarya Second Baby Boy Born

Dhanush and Aishwarya are proud parent’s again as  Aishwarya gave birth to a Second  baby boy in Chennai this morning.

Aishwarya  admitted at  the Apollo last weeek for delivey, today at 6.21 AM delivered a baby boy.

The baby weighs 3 Kg and 100 gms, both the mother and child are hale and healthy. said the doctors

On hearing the happy news, Super Star Rajinikanth rushed to the hospital to thank the Team under Doctor Kondammal at the apollo. The star spend nearly 45 minutes with his daughter and the new grand son.

On the Way out of the hospital, Rajini surprised the lift boy by tipping Rs 500.

And Also Dhanush has said in his Twitter account, taking pride in declaring his fatherhood for the second time!”Aishwarya gave birth to a baby boy today morning at 6:21 am !! I’m a father of 2 boys ! Happy morning ! God bless !!“.

Known to all, Dhanush and Aishwarya have a boy child named Yatra, who is three years now. We at Kolly Theater Chronicle wish the actor, his wife, little Yatra and the new born all the best.



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