Dhanush signs for debut Hindi film Raanjhnaa

Dhanush will prove his mettle in Bollywood, hopes Anand Rai

Dhanush signs for debut Hindi film Raanjhnaa

The whole world knows how good an actor Dhanush is. He has proved his mettle time and again and the national award for ‘best actor’ he won for his performance in Aadukalam stands testimony to his acting credentials. In fact, it’s Aadukalam and Dhanush’s casual portrayal of a Madurai youth which has won him the offer to star in his first-ever Bollywood project.

Titled Raanjhana, the film would be directed by Anand Rai who made the successful Madhavan-Kangna Ranaut starrer Tanu Weds Manu some time back. Rai was hugely impressed by Dhanush’s performance in Aadukalam that he decided to cast the latter in Raanjhana. Dhanush has been paired up opposite Sonam Kapoor, one of the upcoming young heroines, in his debut film as hero in Bollywood.

Rai is confident that Dhanush would do well in Hindi too despite the language barrier. Dhanush would break the myth about actress from South not doing well in Hindi, he assures. “We have had many heroines from Sridevi to Asin to have done successfully in Hindi. Yet, for some reasons, Bollywood film-makers don’t opt for heroes from South to cast them in lead roles in Hindi films. I want to break this trend for sure.

“My logic is simple: when we (Hindi film-makers) can import so many films from South, why can’t we cast heroes from there? In my reading, Dhanush would surely have a great debut in Bollywood,” Rai sounds assuredly. The film’s script is set in the backdrop of the holy town of Varanasi where Dhanush and Sonam would be playing middle-class persons, Rai reveals.

“I’m sure the critics as well as movie-buffs would love Dhanush’s role in the film. I have gone round the city with Dhanush many times so that he understands the backdrop where the film would be made. He has understood his character fully and would prove himself when the film is completed and released,” concludes Rai.


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