kolaveri took 6 mins

Dhanush took just 6 minutes to write the Kolaveri song

kolaveri took 6 mins

It was reported earlier in these columns that the song Why this Kolaveri di…., penned and sung by actor Dhanush in his upcoming film 3, has caught up like wildfire among youths, office-goers, school students and children. The song has been composed by debutant music director Anirudh.

The song has become so popular that it’s being played on all the regional language FM channels as well as some non-Tamil FM channels. Transcending the linguistic barriers, the song has also become a favourite of the non-Tamil speaking populace in the country. Many Hindi FM channels are repeatedly broadcasting the song though most of the listeners remain unaware of what those Tamil words in the song refer to.

Ask him about the huge popularity enjoyed by the song and his face lights up. Says Dhanush with a glint in his eyes: “I took around six minutes to write the lyrics of the song. As you can infer, the lyrics are very simple. I have purposely put in quite a lot of English words in the song yet it can be easily understood by anybody. My purpose was to make the song sit on the lips of every movie-goer.

“In fact, we didn’t want to make use of those lyrics as a song in the film; it naturally happened. Obviously, people refer to this song as a Tanglish song. Though most of the words are in English, they carry the typical Tamil flavour (is it so?). My wish is that the song should be evenly liked by all Tamilians,” says Dhanush.

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Meanwhile, Bollywood’s Big ‘B’ has reportedly become a great ‘fan’ of this particular song. In his social networking sites, Amitabh has praised Rajinikanth’s son-in-law and actor Dhanush and said that though he understood very little of what the song meant, he liked the tune and music of the song!


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