Dhanush Seeks Apology for objectionable Scenes in Uthama Puthiran

Dhanush Apologizes at the Press Meet in Chennai
Dhanush apologizes at the Press Meet in Chennai

Dhanush has apologised for hurting the sentiments of a section of society through some scenes in his just released movie ‘Uthama Puthiran‘.

Released on the eve of Deepavali, Dhanush-Genelia starred Uthama Puthiran which is running successfully in theatres, has been banned in the cities of Coimbatore and Salem due to the dialogues which criticizes a  the high populated ‘Goundar ‘community who live in and around Coimbatore.

The film has a scene where Dhanush and Vivek pass critical remarks on ‘Goundar’ community, that went on to create negative waves among the community masses, thereby resulting in the ban of the movie. A group of people protested in front of a theatre in Coimbatore last Tuesday complaining that the movie has portrayed them in bad taste. Also agitation was taken on serious note  by Kongu Velalar Munnetra Sangam in the mentioned cities.

And today a  press meet was conducted  in Chennai to sort out the issue which was attended by Dhanush and Uthama Puthiran director Mithran Jawahar and producer Mohan Appa Rao.

At the press meet Dhanush has requested not to stop the screening of Uthama Puthiran as it might result in a heavy loss for the producers. Also the actor stressed  immediate action has been taken – the two dialogues pertaining to the community have been muted and some scenes showing them in poor taste have also been removed.

“Of the 120 theatres in Tamil Nadu, the changes are effective wherever the cube technology is being used. Forty screens using UFO technology will need two days time to make the changes according to the list. We respect their feelings. The film aims at only showing family relationships and values. The movie is not meant to hurt anyone,” said Dhanush.

He has taken the responsibility to address the concerns of Goundar community, but at the same time requested them not to disrupt the shows.

“I request people not to stop any show in protest as we are doing the needful. Crores (of rupees) have been invested in the film so this is my humble request”, said Dhanush.

Dhanush Seeks Apology for objectionable Scenes in Uthama Puthiran-Video



  1. dine

    anyone noticed? Dhanush no where mentioned sorry in the apology. He just said “varutham therivichikurom”. These words are used only when someone needs to show the sympathy. It should not be used for apology.

  2. san33

    another crap.. i think vijay tv style la .. varutham therivichikurom.. nu solluranga.. idhu ippo trend ayiduchu.. nowadays it has also become difficult for  people to ask sorry or apology.. c,,nice escape … 

  3. gautham

    nayea director actor and that market pona comedian…..cbe or erode or salem or namakkal or karur or tripur vanthu paru serupu pinchidum….yenda yechakalai nee enn peria evana…unnoda padam ellam flop…..etho super satr marumaganna periya evana nee….enga da mannipu ketta>///??varutham therivichukura alavuku nee periya evana da…….

  4. gautham

    yenda Gounder community enna ennum 1920 s  erruku nenachea???most of the spinning mills are owned by our community…. In Tripur 60% of the export units are owned by gounders….turmeric market is controlled by gounders….almost 80% of the gounders r litrate…

  5. nanbenda

    don like d movie? don like d scene regardin ‘gounder?’… DEN DONT WATCH D MOVIE! no one is forcin any gounder to go n wtch it in d theatre, its jus a movie 4 god sake…. sum indianz cn b so petty bout EVERYTHIN!! leave cinema n entertainment world one side n get on wit life, ders jus so many othr tings thats goin in d world dt we shud raise our voice for… bt nt for tings tat hppn in cinema… cinema life is dream. come out of it, n no one gets hurt!

  6. arun

    yeah..well said gautham..eventhough i am from other community i have always had a surprise and fascination towards this community..the reason is that most of the brave womens are from your community..and where most of them are highly educated esp as doctors.. i have always been surprised to see how they could just manage being in a village and at the same time knowing the complete city life..at the present age there is nothing like wat has been portrayed in the movie..

  7. vasin

    wat has dhanush told here?? all the day to day life and real life incidents have been moulded as the movie..in that case they have no rights to just say things in such a way..when such things are bet 2 people it is fine..but when its displayed in cinema it comes to the view of whole public and obviously ppl wil reach to it..

  8. gautham

    hii nanba if u dont like my comments u better keep away frm the post and ust read and go away…what makes u bother to reply…we dont need ur  advice whether to watch the movie..its for not gounders alone…its for all the community…..

  9. gautham

    thkz vasin….hope this idiot mithran jawahar is totally a waste guy…..he dont have any creativity and just a copy cat….Kutti is a very great flop movie and i donno how dhanush have opted to do this flim with him again….i feel very irratated to see R.Sundarrajan who is also a gounder acted in this stupid movie….also the so called best screen play writer in India Mr.Bhayaraj who s native is in gounder region….what to do he has became a begger and dont have any money to run his family……so he has opted to act…he even would act as pimp in current situation…feeling pity for him

  10. brother of gautham

    enda punnaku payulaga la racist aholes u and ur crazy cast hell with u, where were u during CWG corruption? when karunanihi paid money for votes? if ur community is so strong why the fuck u cant rule tamilnadu and help lot of people  
    nan kounden ela da indian poramboku ku poranthavanae  
    Finally if u want to defend ur community great go ahead ban the movie but i just want to know what you are going to do to make your community great ?? we are not born for mother teresa but as anoy said human beings dude, serve the people then they will say ur community is the best ! 😛

  11. gautham

    .naga ellam ellam punnaku payaluka than neega poi CWG scandal pannunavgala poi kolla vendiya thu thana….we dont need to stop that movie it has been already an utter flop flim…..neega enth mathri indian vu kum communityku serve panni errukeenga therinchu ka romba arvama erruku…….nee birbe kuduthau elliya????neega lanjam kuduama errukeengala…first learn to be decent…..then u could find fault with others….i dont need u r certification to prove my community is best…..there r good and bad in all the community people….kalaingnar vote money kuduthatruna atha vangunavngala poi kela da….yen avan avan ku arivu ella…..yen da vanguranga….poi unga area DMK office la kekka vendiyathu thana….yen unaku enna bayama????summa yetho romba nayamavaru mathri mess panra???poi ketu par avanga unaka nalla answer pannuvanga 

  12. aravind

    dey brother nee oru loose payan….unnai ellam mental than solluvan…..CWG scam nee poi sari pannau da arivu ketta mudhevi…..

  13. ravichandran ashwin CSK

    shut up u guys. This movie is awesome and is a mega mega hit. The comedy is outstanding and Dhanush is a versatile actor.

  14. tarun

    last sunday i went to watch evening show of this movie…only 20% of the seats got filled…how it is a mega mega hit movie??/its below average collection…my fr plz go and watch MYNAA movie……its the real mega mega hit movie

  15. sathy

    hey soree pdicha nayea brother….racists and caste kuda unnaku difference theriyala….nee ellam yen da comment panra..picha kara nayea

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