Dhanush praises his wife Aishwarya as genius

Dhanush Praises wife Aishwarya

Actor Dhanush simply can’t stop raving about his wife Aishwarya’s directorial capabilities. The actor is presently starring in 3 directed by Aishwarya which has the stunning Shruti Haasan opposite him. Aishwarya, who had earlier assisted her brother-in-law and director Selvaraghavan in a couple of films as an assistant director, turns director with 3.

Dhanush, who won the national award for ‘best actor’ for his portrayal of a typical Madurai youth in Vetrimaran’s Aadukalam, is presently starring in 3 and is said to be loving every moment under his wife’s direction. Amala Paul was first signed up as Dhanush’s heroine in the film. Yet, she walked out of the film for some reasons; later, Aishwarya signed up her friend Shruti as her husband’s heroine in the film.

Now that he has completed the post-production work relating to his upcoming release Mayakkam Enna directed by Selvaraghavan, Dhanush is now concentrating on 3. He was to be part of the Deepavali race with his Mayakkam Enna but the film’s release got postponed due to various reasons, Selvaa’s ill-health being one of them.

Speaking about the experience of getting directed by his own wife, Dhanush says “I’m really proud and happy to be working under Aishwarya. Though it’s only her first film, the way she makes the film by taking care to ensure even the minute thing is in place is really amazing. Her way of working and getting the work done by the artistes is very good; she is a genius who’s appears to be born to do this!”

Dhanush has several projects on hand after completing 3. He has Maareesan to be directed by Simbudevan and two more films including one which is likely to be produced by Ravichandran’s Ascar Films.



  1. :)

    Una Ava kalyanam pannappavae naanga purinjikitoom…..Ava our genius nu… Idhu ellaam oru polappa…???… Po..poi thooku maatiko….

  2. Jeba

    I think Dhanush is the only hero to be directed by his father, brother, and wife. Is there any occurences before!!!!

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