Dhanush not the lead in Seedan

Dhanush plays cook in Seedan
Dhanush plays cook in Seedan

Lately the buzz is that Dhanush has been featured as the main attraction for Seedan which has been directed by Subramaniam Siva .Fans of the star have been waiting for this one as the cannot afford to miss his movie,especially after his rising performance in Aadukalam. Well here we have the actor clarifying things for the better as he doesn’t want his fans to be mistaken.This is what he had to say to  his online fans exclusively.

“I am playing an important role, but not playing the lead. Only 25-minutes footage,”

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Soon thinking that he may have negatively publicized the movie he fumbles in support of the movie.

“It’s a simple and humble film. The climax, I promise you, will give goose bumps,”

Sometime later he came back again to re state “Again, I’m making it clear. I’m only playing an important role that appears for 25 minutes. Do not treat it as MY movie. God bless”

Dhanush reportedly plays the role of a cook, who works in a palatial bungalow where Ananya is a maid as we mentioned in a post before. The audio launch for the movie is scheduled for February 3rd and surely we will be present there to keep you posted with the latest.

Dhanush if your fans want to see it let them come and have a look . So folks spread the word to your fellow Dhanush fans. The actor will surely appreciate it.


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