Dhanush in Aishwarya’s Direction

Dhanush- Aishwarya's

Action/Direction when asked which you like the most, Dhanush does not take much time in saying Direction, Seems Direction has been long time ambition of the actor, In order to prove with that Dhanush has been taking all essential trainings,

When asked Dhanush on this the actor said “In Brother Selva raghavans Ayirathil oruvan, I nearly worked as the assistant director . Right from the start of the story i was watching and following each and every activity, after ive learned all those that make a successful director i would do my direction, i am sure of that“.

Currently Dhanush is Acting in the remake of the telugu hit movie, Ready under the direction of Vettri Maran , and also in Surajs Mappilai

Now the latest news is Dhanush would be starring in wife Aishwarya’s first directorial debut movie too, Aishwarya is busy in preparing the script for the movie seems.


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