Dhanush Happy For Nadal

Actor Dhanush who suffering from high fever and later hospitalised earlier last week is back home and is all hale and healthy.

On Sunday Dhanush said “I’m back after a very bad week of health !! I’m better !! Can’t work 4 another week !”

And later on monday the actor was praying — not to get better, but for Nadal to win the US Open. “Nadal’s victory is my only medicine!!”

After Nadal defeated third seed Novak Djokovic 6-4,5-7,6-4,6-2, Happy Dhanush shouts ” Vamossssssssss rafaaaaaaaa !!!! U made my year !!! All rafa fans … Goooooddddddd blesssssss rafa !!!!”

Was that Portuguese or spanish



  1. Anonymous

    Hello Dhanush,

    First convey your wishes for the recently wed couple Soundarya – Ashwin..Later u can talk about Nadal

  2. true

    avanga weetukulla enna prachanayoo, i think theres a link between his absence at the wedding and this ill health

  3. Lankapat

    Mr Tamilan….Are you a tamil vathiyar…SHUT YOUR MOUTH….why do u worry if someone has better knowledge that you? With Tamil you cannot cross your place…learn English also well….first of all you dont know the difference between thing and think….wat a horrible uneducated fool u are…..

  4. Anonymous

    He did convey his wishes to them.. on twitter, he said "<span><span>The wedding went very well .. God bless soundarya and ashwin !! Bless them guys !!" on 3rd Sept</span></span>
    <span><span>Then he went on to talk about Nadal</span></span>

  5. Usha

    <span>he was sick and  could not attend the reception of his sister in law. but he was there for the wedding. why are u spreading rumors tat there's some prob in his family? first look at ur own family b4 talking abt others!</span>

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