Dhanush gets comments from Kamal Haasan


Seedan is coming up on 25th starring Dhanush in a cameo; nevertheless he was present at the promotional press meet alongside father Kasthuri Raja, mother Viajayalakshmi, wife Aishwarya and brother Selvaraghavan a total family package. Here is an excerpt from the interview .Well we never missed to grab the golden opportunity and did not hesitate to ask the entire family.

So Aishwarya you really seem to be supportive of Dhanush career choice how has it been following his moves closely?

You know it has always been a great journey and always try to stay away from being an obstruction in his path. I really understand the difficult part of being an actor and always try not to be a disturbance during his shoots, it is necessary.

Latha ma’m what do you think about your son-in law he is surely a directors favorite these days?

He is first a son to us than a son-in-law. We are always happy and proud when we discuss about him amidst our professional circle. He is a good actor, no doubt.

Being close to legends like Rajnikanth personally and professionally do you get advice from him too?

He has always had the confidence in me and never advised me on any occasion as far as I remember but yes Kamal Sir has really candid comments sometimes we speak. It is great to receive feedback from legends. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Thanks for the chat Dhanush our best wishes are with you and just in case they don’t work you always have the legends backing you isn’ t it?


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