Dhanush and Tamannah in Hari’s Aruva

Aruva-tamil movieAruva the next flick to be directed by Hari after the success of Singam will have Dhanush and Tamannah in the lead.

If it can recapped it was the same Hari who blasted at the media , saying he had not titled the Dhanush Starrer as Aruva, and didnt know where those rumours came from during April.

Now with Tamannah joining as the heroine,  the pair will be seen together on screen for the second time after Padikkadhavan.Vadivelu is expected to take care of the comedy department.

Sources also confirm that shoot of Aruva will kick start from Karaikudi. With his Singam setting the box office on fire, expectations are all aready running on peak for Aruva.



  1. Vasin

    Dhanush is a model for us Thamilar. Steely Interior. Polished Exterior. Hey Dhanush, study English, Economics, Maths, Programming, Politics and Law part time with top paid tutors even though you might have done it for your degree. You have the intelligence and good nature to become a model Thamil leader.

  2. Vasin

    For you, me and other Thamilar its Thamil, Thamilan, Thamilachi, Thamilar. For other communities we are Tamil, Tamilan and Tamils; our language is Tamil. Some say Tamilean but I don’t think its right. Happy? 

  3. Vasin

    Why do you need ‘Z’? ‘L’ can cover all 3 variations in the Thamil ‘La’. Someone in the past introduced it; and some more followed it because they thought it is a good way to differentiate. However it is shoddy arrangement. They did not take enough time to consider and discuss it before implementing it. Just shove it. 

  4. Vasin

    Some people ask why should we add ‘H’. It is added to bring the tounge forward as we pronounce ‘thana’ in Thamil. However adding a ‘Z’ is so irrational. Where do we get ‘sss'(snake sound) when we say Thamil.

  5. sandy

    idheyavadhu  orupadiya  pandra deee,  yella  mix  panni  adichitaa  paka enna  ella  kyanenglaaaaa

  6. sandy

    idhu  oru  sethu pona  ponam madhiri  irundhukunu  podra  attathe  parra  saamy  thanga mudiyalaaaa

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