Dhanush and Simbu want to cash in on the rare day of 11-11-11

Dhanush Simbu films release on Nov 11

11-11-11, which falls on the eleventh of next month, occurs only once in a century. One has to wait for a further 100 years to see the magical number comprising six 1’s in the calendar. Kollywood, which rarely misses auspicious occasions and occurrences such as these, appears to be gearing up to celebrate the day with a few major releases.

Even many leading Hollywood production houses are also trying their best to release their films on the above-said day, which also happens to Friday, a day on which films are mostly released. Our own Dhanush and Simbu, who have already opted out of the Deepaali race with their upcoming films, might just be releasing their films on 11-11-11.

Incidentally, Dhanush’s Mayakkam Enna and Simbu’s Osthi have one common factor: it’s Richa Gangopadhyay, who would have the distinction of debuting on-screen with not one but two films on the same day and that too opposite two of the leading stars in Kollywood. Such an occurrence is considered rare in the history of Tamil film industry.

Dhanush and Simbu hav separately confirmed that their films would indeed by released on 11th November. Besides the duo, some other producers and directors who have noted the ‘significance’ of the date, have also been making frantic last-minute efforts to ensure that their films are released on the same date!


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  1. abcd

    who cares for all these … its just some numbers created by some people (western to be precise). tamil cal dates are way different.

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