Dhanush and Simbu ready for battle

Simbu and Dhanush ready for battle
Simbu and Dhanush ready for battle

Dhanush and Simbu are all set to enter the battlefield the gladiators will sweat it out for their fans come this April 8th. In the last there have been rumors as they are not the best of friends.

For the facts Mappillai ia a Sun Pictures promotion on the hand Vaanam a VTV Ganesh production. We hear Sun Pictures who are always one step ahead when it comes to any form of promotion have already given orders to their distributors to go ahead with the booking for the 8th of April.

Apparently Mr. Ganesh is trying his best to reinforce the promotions as he predicts that April 8 will be one of the most suitable days in the coming future for a movie release.

Although being remakes both the movies are surely garnering much attention prior to their release. Mappillai has shades of Rajnikanth yesteryear movie by the same name, whereas, Vaanam is a reworked version of Telugu film Vedam.

On a close analysis industry insiders also tell us that since World cup Finals would come to an end by April 2 and IPL would be in its initial stages there is only much to gain from an early bird attempt. As for another major event these days being the Tamil Nadu 2011 assembly elections whose dates are yet to be announced and is appropriated for the last week of April, now that clearly means at least a three week smooth ride for the movies.

May the talented win, whom do you place your bet on kollytalkers Dhanush or Simbu?



  1. kavi

    of course simbu…because mappilai already watch in tamil act by rajinikanth  and…its ntg different…vaanam is remake from telugu and its new 4 tamil

  2. prata

    i feel u cant compare both the movies they r diff genres. i`ll watch both for the love of tamil cinema. and fuck all these competition this is how it shld be

  3. Chandru

    if someone says aadukalam is a waste movie then he is simply a fan of all the masala in movies. Aadukalam is just like an incident that might happen next to you if you are somewhere in southern TN. 

  4. gal

    it is not aadu(goat)kaalam!! it is aadukalam(playground)!! know the meaning before talking!! it’s a classic film!!

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