Dhanush advised rest by doctors

Dhanush is enjoying his break
Dhanush is enjoying his break

Dhanush had a bad news to share with his fans. The actor is having some trouble with his neck.Doctors have advised him to take rest after they noticed that his neck muscles have contracted.

After all those tight schedules the actor has been following strictly the news came as a relief for the actor as he is thankful for being blessed with the much needed break . Dhanush is enjoying every bit of it by spending his time with his cute children and the rains have added to the delight.

“When I see Linga (second son) smile at me I am so full of joy, my son doesn’t even realize that I have this trouble in my neck,” said a content Dhanush.

“I am really enjoying the weather too. But I can’t enjoy a drive with this spasm. Nevertheless, a hot cup of coffee from my terrace will make up for it I guess.”

Yeah sometimes it’s those small things in life that really make a difference isn’t it people?

Dhanush we hope you get well soon.



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