Dhansika Sacrifices Jacket for Aravaan

Dhansika in Aravaan
Dhansika in Aravaan

Dhansika the talented actress, after wowing the audience with her performance in Peranmai and Maanja Velu, is currently acting as a female lead opposite Aadhi (of Mirugam and Eeram fame) in the upcoming period film ‘Aravaan’. Vasanthabalan, who’s famous for making realistic films like Veyil and Angadi Theru, is directing this film.

Aravaan, set in the mid 18th century, is the story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary talent.Aravaan is being produced by Siva and also has a Malayalam actress Archana Kavi (of Neelathamara fame) in an important role.

Dhansika, the lead heroine has acted without jacket throughout the film as jackets were not part of the wardrobe of 18th century women.

Dhansika on her role said,“After Peranmai, I have been getting meaty roles. I play a village girl in Vasanthabalan’s periodic film Aravaan. 18th century village women didn’t wear Jackets. As I play 18th century Village girl, I too have acted without jacket through out the film. However, there will not be any glamour. I am accepting selective roles only to make my position strong in Kollywood”.

Dhansika, whose last two films has set the cash registers ringing, hope she brings her luck into Vasanthbalans venture too.



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    என்ன ஒரு தியாகம்……
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    இந்த காவி உடையை பார்த்தாலே எனக்கு அவர் நியாபகம்தான்  வருது……

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