Devi Sri Prasad makes actors sing

Devi Sri Prasad keen to bring playback singers out of actors

Devi Sri Prasad makes actors sing

Music director Devi Sri Prasad is a very busy man these days. Referred to as DSP in filmy circles, the affable music director has a handful of projects on hand including directors Hari and Suraaj’s next films which have Suriya and Karthik (respectively in that order) in the lead.

DSP appears to be very keen to bring out the hidden singing prowess in the actors and actresses that he is working with. In the past few years, he has made many heroes and heroines turn playback singers in films where he has composed the music. Though he’s not doing it with intent, he says that he’s only bringing out the ‘other side’ of these busy performers.

Speaking about his style of turning actors and actresses into playback singers, DSP says “The long list of actors and actresses who have sung in my music includes the likes of Vikram, Siddharth, Junior NTR, Mamta Mohandass, ‘Subramaniapuram’ Swathi and Shraddha Das.

“Whenever I get to interact jovially with these stars, I would sense that they do possess a decent singing voice. I’d then encourage them by casually saying that they can do the same singing in front of the mike and for films as well. I started it very casually and didn’t want to set a trend. Now, many leading stars are coming to me expressing their wish to sing in my music,” says DSP.


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