Devayani refuses to play mother to heroes in films

Devayani refuses to play mother

Actress Devayani has asserted that she would never play mother to any of the contemporary heroes. The actress, who quit films a few years back following her marriage with director Rajakumaran, is busy as a bee on small-screen. She is extremely popular among the small-screen viewers with serials starring her in lead roles on air in television channels.

“Though I’m not acting in films, I’m much in demand on small screens playing lead roles in tele-serials. I’m game for films provided I’m offered substantial and meaningful roles. At any cost, though, I won’t be playing mother to today’s heroes as I don’t think I’m old enough to be considered as ‘mother’ to them.

“I was offered films where I was asked to play mother to some of the heroes; I refused those offers. The irony is that I was asked to play mother to some of the heroes with whom I have acted as heroine in my early days. I would never do such a thing.

“I have starred in as many as 100 films so far and have done a variety of roles. I am determined to take up only those roles which pose some sort of challenge to me as an actress. At present, I’m playing one such role in a film being made by Rajakumaran,” concludes Devayani, remembered by fans for her role in ‘Kaadhal Kottai’.



  1. Raj

    Good for her and beautiful slap for those idiot directors. She still can play leading role with those male actors.

  2. vasu

    what is there in it??? juz acting right…. If national award winner SARANYA does not accept mother characters in films we would not have realized she is a talented actress …. no one will give her heroine roles anymore she should know that fact first of all 😀

  3. Smile

    She cannot play heroine to top heroes for sure but she can still do Akka,Anni roles.Definitely she is not too old to play mother.That’s so absurd.Just bec she is married and a mother does not mean she has to done a mother’s character.If that’s the case,looks like meena(once his hot pair)may end up being Rajini’s mother.But it has happened before.Veteran actress Lakshmi and Sujatha who once played Rajini’s love interests,ended up being his mothers in Padayappa and Baba though they were very much younger to him.Indha heroes-ku mattum vayasey aagadhu.But heroine kalyanam pannikita podhum odane amma role kuduthuduvanga.I think the only exception is Aish….

  4. Sen

    If you dont like Indian culture then why waste time in reading these kind of websites and scolding people who are following this kind of culture? Go read, live, follow & enjoi whatever you like. You have no right to tease other culture if you have not ever followed them and understood them. Keep appreciating what you like. GoodLuck. Just because you follow something does’nt mean it is superior. Convenience to every individual is superior to them. You have no right to talk about others convenience and faith. Please review whatever you write before you write. 90% of whatever you write is pointing fingers to others.  If you cant stand anything here…dont write anything in this forum. You are creating a negative vibration here. Please be positive in the forum of your interest. GoodLuck too.

  5. Vasin

    Adengappa! Sri Lanka paiyanuku India culture la evlau respect. Hey Sen we Indians do what West does say 25 years, 50 years or 100 years later in everything; bloody everything; divorce la irnthu pizza varaikum. Why delay for our false sense of individuality? Just get along with them so that we wouldn’t have beggers on our roads, dirty cities and villages, thuggery politicians, rude exploiting employers, women falling on men’s feet……..let us get along with West.

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