Delay in release of Aval Peyar Tamizharasi

Director Meera Kadhiravan while speaking to the media about the delay of Aval Peyar Tamizharasi said,” Aval Peyar Tamizharasi is being produced by Moser Baer. Jai, Nandagi, Dhyana, Ganja Karuppu and others have starred in this film. This film is a village basedromantic story. Hero Jai’s lover Nandagi along with her family goes missing. The hero goes in search after them. Whether he finds them or not is the story. The shooting of this film has taken place Nellai, Thoothukudi, Poona and Maharashtra.

We planned to shoot this film in one schedule at Nellai. But due to heavy rain and three cyclones, the shooting of the film has taken in three schedules. That is why it got delayed. The shooting of the film was completed in 75 days. The present day audiences are able to forecast whether the film is good or bad even before its release. These films have also become a hit. In the same way this film will also be a hit. This film is being released on 26 th of this month.’


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