Deiva Thirumagal enters 2 international festivals

Vikram at Deiva Thirumagal Special Screening

Chiyaan Vikram has his unique way of keeping his loyal fans waiting for that perfect movie. True to his art Chiyaan has delivered some stunning performances in the past few years even though if he has stuck to his ground signing just one quality flick for the past 3 to 4 years. Now we hear his award-winning performance for Deiva Thirumagal is making waves internationally.

Vikram starrer Deiva Thirumagal has been honored to be a part of the Busan Film Festival and the Asia Pacific Film Festival. The news was disclosed by Deiva Thirumagal composer GV Prakash who was delighted to announce the same saying, Deivathirumagal selected for Busan film festival and Asia Pacific Film festival!!!”  The movie had Vikram slipping into a mentally challenged five-year-old child’s mind with cuty baby Sara playing his daughter. This flick also saw some wonderful performances by Anushka Shetty, Amala Paul, comedian Santhanam and Nasser.

Here is wishing all the luck to the DT team !!!




  1. sensks

    Getting annoyed when see people lying. The movie has been copied from I am Sam and without any shame the director of the movie and Vikram says it is not copied.

  2. kumar

    See copying is not big the movie in tamil that is important..everybody copying something from somewhere….

  3. sensks

    Dear Mr. kumar, please read my comment carefully. I never said copying is wrong, but the makers and hero of Deiva Thirumagal never accept they have copied it from “I am Sam”, this makes us really annoyed. I am not sure whether they have accpeted it now or not. I saw the Tamil movie first and was really touched. Later saw “I am sam”, then read several articles and interviews with Director Vijay/Vikram etc…, they are in celebration mood and denied that it has been copied from “I am Sam”. If they had accepted that “Yes it is inspired from I am sam with Indian touch”, I would have developed great respect for these guys, but they put us on Shame by saying the Tamil version is nothing to do with “I am Sam”.

  4. Nanbenda

    Hello Sensks,

    Who told u dat dey hav not accepted, Have u ever watched any interview by Deiva Thirumagal team, i hope u hav not watched.. He director himself told dat “Its remake of I am Sam & its been modified with Indian sentiments & culture”… 

  5. sensks

    Not in his earlier interviews my friend. Infact he denied it at the begining. He never thought this is going to be a very big hit and came to lime light. Everybody started talking about this and he faced lot of critics and which made him to admit the truth.

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