Definite action against Asin:Nadigar Sangam

Nadigar Sangam will take definite action against Asin for ignoring the warning and shooting in Srilanka for her forthcoming Bollywood film Ready, with Hindi star Salman Khan“, confirmed Nadigar sangam Secretary Radha Ravi.

It looks like Asin is in ” I-dont-care-what-the-heck-happens-in-kollywood” attitude because, despite being fully aware of the sentiments of the south Indian film industry and knowing about the raging controversy, Asin continued to shoot for Ready with Salman.

Now the actress has added fuel to fire by visiting the war-torn areas – Vavuniya and Jaffna – in Sri Lanka along with Raja Pakshey’s wife to conduct an eye camp. This has irked the Tamil film fraternity further.

The actress, whose Bollywood career plateaued after the London Dreams debacle, has currently signed a Tamil film — Kaavalkaran (now Kaaval Kaadhal), with Vijay.

Somewhere along the way, Asin got an alluring offer from Salman again and she did not want to let it slip. With just a few scenes left for Kaavalkaran, the actress took a break from the shooting and left for Sri Lanka to join the cast and crew there.

When the FEFSI is still fuming over Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi openly challenging the highest decision-making bodies of the south indian film industry, it is expected that Asin could be issued a ‘red card’ which will impact her future releases.

Speaking on this issue, the Nadigar Sangam secretary Radha Ravi said “We condemn what Asin has done and we are considering taking action against her for shooting in Sri Lanka. A decision on this will be taken after consultation with Producer’s Council, FEFSI, Theatre Owners’ Association, and Distributors’ Association. The meeting will be held in a day or two”

Radha Ravi also pointed out that the delay in convening this meeting was because of the Producers’ Council elections.

It may be recalled that the South Indian film industry, comprising the South Indian Artistes’ Association (SIAA), Film Chamber, Producers Council, FEFSI, Distributors’ Association, etc, got together and passed a resolution recently to the effect that stern action would be taken against Kollywood stars who attended the IIFA Awards in Sri Lanka and those who shot for films there.

What would be the reaction to this issue from the Eelam lover ‘Vijay’, the hero of Kaaval Kaadhal?

But more to this the question everybody in Kollywood is asking is, why did Asin go in a Sri Lankan army helicopter with the Rajapakshe wife and that too when Salman Khan and the rest of the unit of Ready had gone back to Mumbai?

Our source in Delhi  say that Asin would not have dared to be identified so brazenly with the Rajapaksa government without the tacit support of the Congress led UPA Government in New Delhi.A top politician from Kerala close to Sonia Gandhi is working behind the scenes to help Rajapakshe gain confidence of the tamils in the war torn areas to avoid a UN probe and Asin is just one of the arrows, the issue is well known to the ruling government of Tamil nadu, which indirectly controls the cinema industry, so dont expect action to be taken against Asin,

Also Delhi based noted journalist and columnist R Rajagopalan had written that the UPA government does not want the Tamil in Sri Lanka issue to be raked up any more in Tamil Nadu as they have very good relationship with Rajapaksa government.

Rajagopalan tweeted : “ Chennai Police arrested Seeman (film director and actor) a pro LTTE leader, under pressure from centre and a warning to state police about provocative speeches of Seeman”.



  1. Anonymous

    Hurrah….. What a wonderful news. Who said that Asin just an actress. She is part of the big Rajapaksa political plans. She needs to be removed entirely from the movie industry.

  2. Anonymous

    I don't believe this… she is more manipulative than the Srilankan government. As an individual, she is supporting the Srilankan killers so openly. We spit on you Asin.

  3. Anonymous

    she is an actress .She cant select r location… Wt where these people doin while d tamil people where killed…. after everythin is over ..wt is there in givin a red card 2 an actress… very funny….

  4. Anonymous

    podi po…poi salman maniye pidichikko..Nee ellam thevva***yannu prove pannittae…unakku soodu soranai irundha tamilnadu pakkam etti paakkadhay…echi kallae naaye..

  5. Anonymous

    not just a red card to Asin – this is BLAKLISTING ANYONE ASSOCIATES WITH THE MURDERERS in Srilanka. It is not over… It never will be…

  6. Anonymous

    hmmm her trip has so much hidden facts, no wonder other day was asking Russia and China not to support Srilanka in stopping the UN probe.

    The biggest problem here is Tamilians never unite and they have the least love for their mother toungue, inclusive of myself.

  7. Anonymous

    i think she want to become an bollywood no 1. because there only give 1 to 2 crore for one movie. otha nee zero tha ava, that movie will flop, then come to tamil and acting in tv serial ok.

  8. Anonymous

    Asin,do u know how many tamil girls were raped by the srilankan Army,u bitch for money,the Congress and Srilankan government uses u.Dont come back to tamilnadu.

  9. Anonymous

    Hooo come on i am alsoo a tamilin…but guess wat ..Tamil polical leaders just make… use srilankan tamil ..people for their power….the War.. was going on for 34years and still… imagin how many goverment changed…..still it happening….. now what Asin did….just went to Srilank for shooting then went to eye Camp held for Tamil people….okkk… did she go for politcal rally or gave speach support himm… come on guyss think first .have ever a indian movie was shooted in this 34years…if it soo they should stop from time now… suddenly all this came…

  10. Anonymous

    flim industry has no other workkk… starting from Kaveri water prople…. even in 2001 it made a rally…and..superstar gave 1cr then nooo news after some year againn same problem… thenn now tamil problem… nall daaa bothayaaa athurangaa…… first try to stop exporting and importing things from there…. then talk about band..

  11. thiaga

    Tamils enjoy films and idolise their film heroes/heroines. It is for this reason that every news papers carry a page on cinema. There are magazines that entirely devoted to film industry. One of particular mention must be “Pesum Padam” produced in Tamil in Tamil Nadu that has been in existence for nearly 60 years. Those heroines who came to prominence through Tamil films are numerous. Asin too came famous through that door.

    She must therefore be faithful to Tamils. She must therefore help the Tamil producers of films in their resolve to help the Tamils. It was the Tamil fans of North and East of Sri-Lanka, ie Eelam who give a market to Tamil films in Sri-Lanka. Asin knows that nearly 40000 Tamils were the victims of Sinhala genocide in the recent war that ended in May 2009. Asin should at least help the Tamil race to live a respectable live in Sri-Lanka by helping them in finding a permanent solution to their political problem. The Tamils are being denied their rights of self determination by the Sinhalese. She should not have joined the wife of a tyrant Mr Rajapakse who is under suspicion of war crimes to vist Eelam at this juncture.

    I admire the girl’s philanthropy. Adopting 160 orphans is a great thing. There will be many bright sparks coming out of these 160 children. But Did Asin think deep like Sebestian Seeman? Who made these children orphans? It is the Sinhalese racist government by bombing the self declared 'safe zone' in May 2009 and before that.

    Most of the eye problems were caused by the economic embargo levied by successive Sinhala governments for political reasons to bring the Tamils to their knees and accept Sinhala rule.

    Will Asin speak to Mrs Rajapakse and ask her to give permanent peace with self determination to the Tamils of the North and East rather than giving peace meal gifts to the downtrodden. “Do not give fish to a hungry man but teach him how to fish”. Then only he will lead an independent life. If Asin the girl without sin takes this philosophy as a mission she will become Sangamitha to the Sinhalese. Political freedom, language rights and a homeland are fundamentals to a person’s life. Ohm Shanthi.
    Dr C P Thiagarajah

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