Deepika Padukone’s Taj Mahal Mania

Deepika Padukone

Anybody with their vision can’t but appreciate and marvel at the architectural beauty and finesse with which the Taj Mahal has been built by the Moghuls. Taj Mahal ranks top among the list of sites which is frequented by the highest number of foreign tourists visiting the country. Located at a 3-hour drive from Delhi, Taj Mahal has never witnessed a dull day and is always full of Indian and foreign tourists.

Deepika Padukone, the heroine of superstar Rajini’s upcoming film ‘Rana’, is no exception and loves the Taj. Touted as the symbol of eternal love, the majestic-looking Taj has been visited by the actress at least thrice in the past 12 months. At least a couple of those visits were said to be on ‘full-moon day’ when the marbles at the site glow under the Moon like gold.

Deepika’s visit, during when she had been accompanied by none, was said to be exclusively to take in the awesome beauty of the structure when lit by the rays of the full-moon. Deepika reportedly avoided the company of friends or relatives as she wanted some ‘solitude’ while appreciating the Taj at the night, especially under the influence of the ‘full-moon’.

Only a few of Deepika’s friends were aware of her visit to the Taj. She fell in love with the site when she had been there last year to shoot for a Hindi film. The scenic beauty of the historical monument has been drawing her there again and again. She is said to feel ‘immensely satisfied’ mentally while looking at the Taj under the glare of the moon. Wonder why she didn’t take her boyfriend Siddharth Mallya along with her while visiting the Taj!


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